Protag v2 with ta31 and activation


Programator kluczy / transpondedrów Abrites PROTAG


The new generation Abrites PROTAG Programmer is the latest upgrade to our powerful key programming tool!
The ZN003 contains the full functionality of the ZN002 and expands its capabilities. With the PROTAG you can perform operations with keys and transponders, used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.

The ZN003 is durable and ergonomically shaped to provide additional ease of usage, equipped with 3 slots for different type of transponders. One of the slots is specially developed for the Mercedes-Benz truck keys. The design is optimised to eliminate transponder positioning error and maximise efficiency. PROTAG is ready to program all keys and transponders produced by Abrites, as well as a vast variety of OEM ones. It is the ultimate key programming tool for the professional locksmith.

PROTAG is user-friendly, efficient and reliant! The ZN003 is equipped with a USB Type C cable and battery so that you can always count on it. Also, a future extension for bluetooth connection and usage with iOS and Android devices is available.

Main PROTAG 2.0 features:

  • Key programming for Mercedes, BMW, VAG
  • Support for Mercedes-Benz infrared keys support
  • Support for Mercedes-Benz truck keys
  • Transponder/key cloning utility for multiple brands
  • Transponder and key low-level operation functions
  • Reset used OEM keys to virgin state ready for new programming
  • Programming key/transponder by dump of immobilizer system (included support of Mercedes Infrared keys FBS3)
  • Production of transponders and keys ready for programming to different immobilizer system (brand new empty transponders preparation for usage with different cars)
  • Remote control frequency scanning
  • Spare key and All Keys Lost key programming for 2010+ Porsche models by dump from the front BCM (9S12 Motorola MCU)::

– Panamera (970) 2010+
– Cayenne (92A) 2011+
– Boxster (981) 2012+
– Cayman (981) 2012+
– 911 (991) 2012+
– Macan 2014+

Key/Transponder cloning support:

  • All types Toyota/Lexus/Scion DST-AES/Hitag AES keys (H Type keys)
  • All types Toyota/Lexus/Scion Tiris DST+ (G type keys)
  • All types Hyundai/Kia Tiris DST+
  • All types HITAG-2 (example Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter, Iveco, Porsche, …)
  • All types Megamos 13 (example Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, …)
  • Megamos 48 (example Chevrolet)
  • All types Temic 11/12 (example Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Actros, …)
  • Ford/Mazda Temic 8C
  • ID33 types (example OPEL, Peugeot, Renault, …)
  • All types Tiris 4C (example Ford, Honda, Acura, Toyota, …)
  • All types Toyota/Lexus/Scion ID67, ID68, ID70
  • All types Tiris 4D/4E (example Subaru, Ford, Mazda)

Transponders low level operations:

  • Read/write user data
  • Read/write remote control data
  • Operation mode configuration
  • Authentification
  • Secret key programming
  • NVR (eeprom) memory access
  • Automatic transponder detection

List of supported transponders/keys:

  • Mercedes-Benz IR keys (FBS3)
  • Mercedes-Benz trucks keys
  • All types Philips PIT type – 7930, 7931, 7935,…
  • All types HITAG-2 including internal NVR memory (eeprom) and remote control memory. Operating modes password mode, cipher mode, manchester encoding, biphase encoding
  • All types HITAG-Pro
  • All types HITAG-AES
  • All types HITAG-Extended
  • All types HITAG-3
  • Audi BCM2 based keys
  • Sokymat 8E including internal NVR (eeprom) memory of Audi keys
  • Megamos 13 and its emulation over T5/Nova, TK5551, PIT
  • Megamos 48 compatible
  • Megamos AES
  • Tiris 4C and cloning over TPX1 compatible
  • Tiris 4D/4E and cloning over TPX2/EH2/CN1/CN2/TA7/TA36 compatible
  • Tiris DST+ and cloning over TA68
  • Tiris AES and cloning over TA64
  • Temic 11/12 and cloning over T5/Nova or TK5551
  • Temic 8C and cloning over TK5551

Reset used OEM keys to virgin state:

  • Chrysler, Dodge Jeep Hitag-2 keys
  • Hyundai/Kia Hitag-2 keys
  • Audi A6/Q7 keys
  • All types of Toyota/Lexus/Scion smart keys

Programming keys by dump of immobiliser -> See full list HERE

Production -> See full list HERE

Remote control operation scanning:

  • 315 MHz
  • 433 MHz
  • 868 MHz
  • 915 MHz


Radio Transceiver/Receiver/Analyser, as well as Infrared Transmitter/Receiver/Analyser. Designed for Infra-Red keys produced from Mercedes-Benz™
TA31 Abrites extractor is included in the box. An AVDI Interface with active AMS are required to purchase this product.


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