Motorola hc805p18 adapter tmpro2


Adapter/przystawka Motorola HC805P18 do programatora TMPro2


New version of main software released (2.459)

Because finding of TK5561A unlocked transponders is almost impossible,here is a solution.
To software Mazda,Ford,Proton immobox Mitsubishi ID8C (software 184) is added generation of ECU file.
This ECU file is generating upon reading of Motorola HC805P18.
File is saving in folder C:\TMPro2 with name Motorola_HC805P18_ECU_file.
File has to be used with VVDI2 this way: click on “Immobiliser data tool” -> choose “Mazda” -> choose “Demio” -> choose “ECU 2000 – 93C56” -> click on “Load EEPROM dump” and select ECU file.
Then program XT27A transponder.



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